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TizzMo Guddy Leaving MacFam?


It seems like our superstar rapper Tizzmo Guddy aka (Young Thug wa Venda)i s being pressurized by management to release his dope music for free. This assumptions comes after Tizzmo Guddy posted a series of tweets this morning . Read his tweets bellow and tell us what you think:


1. TizzMo Guddy 3 hrs · Twitter ·Why would I release my best work for free? I got better songs in the basement, just waiting for my time to come
2. TizzMo Guddy 3 hrs · Twitter ·Most rappers usually say ‘next year I’m going all out’ ,and next year they still sitting on the same couch as last year…


3. TizzMo Guddy3 hrs · Twitter ·I make my own beats, I make my own hooks, I write my own verses, I mix and master my own songs… Why do I need you?
4. TizzMo Guddy3 hrs · Twitter ·I’m getting impatient every week… I’d rather remain an unknown rapper. Atleast my mom listens to my shit!

What do you think Tizzmo is planning? Is he just High or What? What would you advice?

If you don’t know Tizzmo check this out:

TizzMo Guddy – Work Music video



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