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What does Lester think of Pro-heed’s reply?


So Pro-heed responded and am not that surprised that he did I mean like we all knew that eventually he would,but there’s one thing that concerned me when I first listened to the song, I couldn’t tell who was rapping because am used to the autotuned Pro-heed and that affected my view on the rest of the song,from time to time I would forget that am listening to Pro-heed.

After listening to the song I must say i am really disappointed everything with this song is just off from the quality to the lack of lyrical originality,the quality is so low that am even wondering what the credited producers job was,the song lacks punchlines and word play its just angry rapping throughout the entire song, its clear that he recorded the song angry and just wrote everything that came to him and most of the lines clash with each other,plus there is swearing if rappers start swearing on their songs it shows desperation and lack of focus and also shows that they were clouded by anger.

All in all the song is pretty catchy for a beef and has that classic venrap gangster vibe,Bomos style,that same style Pro-heed said was outdated,It’s really a shame that Pro-heed has brought himself to that level…….Overall I rate this song 6/10 because of the lack of originality,proper punchlines and quality.

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