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What’s happening to Macfam?


Macfam is probably one of the best crews to ever come out of Venda,they made a huge impact on the venrap scene since they came into the limelight,former members like Mizo Phyll made sure that we know that “Macfam will never fall” .

But Mizo left after some said “misunderstanding” between him and the boss Mac J and other members soon followed like Jigsaw and Orton and it seemed like Macfam for a while was falling, but with the introduction of RapprinceCyanide and Tizzmo guddy ,who besides being rappers are also producers,we saw Macfam take a new shape and become a power team and for a moment we actually thought it would last ,but we were wrong.

A few months back we posted a story about Tizzmo Guddy leaving Macfam and now we are back again and this time super producer RapprinceCyanide has left Macfam!. A few weeks back Rapprince updated his Facebook profile pic and the comments were very interesting,fans asked why Rapprince does not want to be tagged on Macfam related posts and his reply was “I am no longer Macfam”, an inside source also confirmed that indeed Mr Rapprince is no longer Macfam, RapprinceCyanide has gone as far as shutting down the Macfam website since it was registered under him, and with the disappearance of Nicodermic it seems as if Mac j and Boss lady are the only remaining Macfam members. (2305 Views)

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