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McSwagga on Venrap fan


Venrap fans interview with young upcoming rapper McSwagga who recently did a song featuring Mac J and Kashflow.

Me: Who is McSwagga? Where is he from?

McSwagga: McSwagga is a rapper from nzhelele

Me: When did you first start being interested in music?

McSwagga: When u was about 12 years old

Me: When did you decide that making music was something you wanted to pursue as a possible career?

McSwagga: A year ago although I has been rapping for a while

Me: What did your family say when you told them you wanted to do music?

McSwagga: Well most of them respected my decision

Me: Growing up who were the artists that you looked up to?

McSwagga: I looked up to artists like Eminem,Lil Wayne and many more

Me: What is you favorite album of all time and why?

McSwagga: For me it’ll have to be The Carter IV by Lil Wayne because it had great songs in it and the lyricism was on point

Me: Which would you say is the best collaboration you ever did?

McSwagga: Its a song I did with Kashflow Toofab which is due to drip end of the month

Me: What’s the one thing many people don’t know about you?

McSwagga: That I happen to be good at writing hooks although I don’t really sing

Me: How did the collabo with Mac j and Kashflow come to be

McSwagga: Well those were guys I admired a lot so I wanted to work with them,do I halla’d at them and after hearing my work they agrees

Me: Which do you prefer Mixtape or Album?

McSwagga: Well for now I feel like its not yet the right time for me to drop an album since am still new in the game

Me: Who’s your favorite Local rapper and why?

McSwagga: Its Kashflow cos he’s one of the guys that made me wanna be a rapper here in venda

Me: If you were to feature an international act,who would you choose?

McSwagga: Well I would want to feature Kendrick Lamar

Me: Are you signed to a record label? If not why

McSwagga: Am currently not signed but searching for the right record label to sign with

Me: What can fans expect from you in the near future?

McSwagga: Well they should expect a bunch of mixtapes n great features

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